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Thrown into the city dungeon for a crime you did not commit, locked away in a dungeon manned by deranged cultists secretly running the depths of the prison, escape is all that consumes you now.   Each day seems like the previous day as you bide your time for escape.  Then, suddenly....opportunity....?

Eternal Escape is a re-imagining of first person dungeon crawlers, with several different weapons, and fighting styles.  Using the difficulty selection, you can increase or decrease the aggressiveness of the hostile guards.

We hope you enjoy our entry to the GDN Cherry Jam.  Please, if you enjoy the game (or even if you do not), leave a comment, and a review.   It would be greatly appreciated.


Eternal Escape-32bit.zip (Aug 05 2017) 145 MB
Eternal Escape-64bit.zip (Aug 05 2017) 147 MB


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Updated both versions to include many updates/bug fixes.

The game runs much smoother now.   Many thanks for all the input from the players on how to improve!

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, this is a cool dungeon game where you fight your way to escape. In general the game is good but issue i saw is enemies can hit you from far which is kind of annoying. Other than that it works perfectly, so here is my gameplay video please skip to 3:13 to watch it. I hope you guys will enjoy it! (@Rowell if you feel like thumbnail and other stuff doesn't represent your game you can delete my post.) 



Hey, thanks for the video review!    Yea, that was one of the bugs, where the thralls could hit you from afar (their weapon range was ignoring Line of Sight).   The problem has been resolved and will be in the update coming out after the Cherry Game Jam voting is completed.

No problem, cool good luck with the game!

Will be posting an update to the game after the voting for the Cherry Game Jam is complete.    Resolved several issues, particularly where players are missing certain cues.

hi and big thx for the game. it looks very nice but i had a prob to find a key ;) greetings from germany

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To open objects, click on the actual doors / lids.  ;)

Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the video review!

I had really fun time with this game, i was sent this game by my cousin, the game designer Diego. I personally had fun with this game and am surprised with how well he and his team were able to put this game together in 9 days. Good job to everyone involved.

Thanks for trying the game, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :)

Great team brought it all together.

Those guards are terrifying, but they still got to taste my righteous steel!  I enjoyed exploring the dungeon, it had a really classic first person RPG feel.  The soundtrack was enchanting, the visuals gloomy and immersive, and I liked that the combat relied on skill and not just potion chugging!

I'm glad you enjoyed our little insane guards.  ;)

Special thanks to everyone in team U-4-ia for making this game possible.
Diego Ramos, Game Designer.
Stephen Cleverley, Artist.
Carmin Bittermann, Music/SFX.